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  • Alphonse "Dave" Davecki is called to an accident involving a classic 1986 Corvette that fell from the Blatnik Highbridge in Superior, Wisconsin. Davecki studies clues the 'Vette left behind and determines it is murder most foul. All that remains is for Dave, Pat Stanski, and CSI Eunice Lincoln to figure out whodunnit. The trio of talented investigators get tripped up now and then as they navigate the dysfunctional dynamics of a wealthy grain merchant family involved the the shadowy world of geo-political black market grain shipments originating in little ole "Supe-Town".
  •           “I found Death on the Brule a really good read...loved the dialogue and humor and pace...a bit like Leif Enger’s Virgil Wander.”  Joel Cooper           “Immediately brings me to the banks of the Brule.” — Bob Jauch           "It was a fun story. I enjoyed how it was a quick, entertaining read.”  — Linden Bayless           "You had me laughing out loud several times. A really fun book to read.” Karen Collins Michaud
  • Is all the gold in Hayfield County worth being run over by a snowmobile, nearly freezing to death, being shot in the back and suffering through an existential crisis of love and morality? Tune in to this installment of the Dave Davecki books to find out how the stomach turns in this new pot-boiler of Wisconsin’s frozen far north. Click on book cover to right to pre-order Thanks.
  • The eighth book in the *highly acclaimed* Alphonse "Dave" Davecki series of cozy mysteries.   *cough-cough*  
  • Praise for Oulu Rock   I’ve read all the Davecki books. This one may well be the most fun.” —Eric Storm, Merrill, WI   “Belly laughs and chuckles throughout.”       —Sonja Flood, Monsoon, WI   “Mike Savage delivers again on the latest Davecki escapade! This is a ‘can't put down’ book that will keep you in stitches with playful banter, crazy adventures, and memorable characters!  From the Finnish brogue to the lovable dogs, it is a sure bet for reading. Who Stole the Oulu Rock will leave you begging for more from this talented author.” —Clendon Gustafson, Port Wing, WI
  • Captain Royal Ashhurst, a young man egregiously wronged by one of Charleston's most outrageous profiteers, not only exacts payment for the murder of his mother and father, the murderer's would-be bride ends up in Ashhurst's arms and they fall in love. The resulting adventure turns Charleston on its head and restores the lost fortune of the so-called DEVIL OF CHARLESTON!
  • When an abandoned house gets labeled a haunted house in the Internet age, at least one youth is thrilled by the idea of exploring it. Dusty Greene hasn’t learned yet that there are some things we really should be afraid of.
  • Author Timothy F. Bouvine

    Author Timothy F. Bouvine

    A super baseball book and story of recovery, relationships, and redemption. Blake Benson fails on all three counts until his entire team is killed in a plane crash. As the only survivor he faces the challenges of sobriety, honesty, and courage on his way to the division championship.


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    The Year of the Buffalo A Novel of Love and Minor League Baseball

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    Beymer, Wisconsin, "The smallest town in the U.S. of A. with its very own professional baseball team!" is the setting for the heroic comeback of a team, a two-some, and an entire town!
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    The Spindrift Anthology

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    The Spindrift Anthology contains 22 selected works from the Tarpon Springs Writers Group.
  • Rebel's second book featuring Charleston, SC as the backdrop for a haunting romance.
  • This delightful book relates the escapades of three adventurous boys, their sister and pet dog, and their special friend, Old John.
  • Enigmas

    You can call them a kaleidoscope of human behavior, the fourteen stories in this collection are certainly varied.
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    Keeper of the Town Short Stories

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    Short stories of a small town on the North Shore of the great lake, Superior.
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    Time traveling between the present and post apocalyptic southeastern Wisconsin, the hero of MINDSET, Mario Rizzo, is faced with his confusing arrival 650 years in the future where a blatant mind control program rules society.
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    Off Season

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    The Beymer Buffalo can't play ball in Wisconsin in the winter, but the players have plenty of life to live during the OFF SEASON.
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