Death by Corvette


Alphonse “Dave” Davecki is called to an accident involving a classic 1986 Corvette that fell from the Blatnik Highbridge in Superior, Wisconsin. Davecki studies clues the ‘Vette left behind and determines it is murder most foul. All that remains is for Dave, Pat Stanski, and CSI Eunice Lincoln to figure out whodunnit. The trio of talented investigators get tripped up now and then as they navigate the dysfunctional dynamics of a wealthy grain merchant family involved the the shadowy world of geo-political black market grain shipments originating in little ole “Supe-Town”.


In this 9th Davecki escapade Detective Dave and his co-workers Pat Stanski and CSI Eunice Lincoln manage to bumble merrily along following the clues while engaging in an abundance of witty repartee. Is Davecki secretly smitten with Eunice Lincoln? Is the comely CSI denying her attraction to Davecki? Is Pat Stanski up to the challenge of resisting the urge to go fishing and come save the day? Is one of the prime suspects, Avery Arusha, a very clever soul akin to the world famous Lisbet Salander? Or is she just a waif craving Davecki’s attention? All these questions and more are gleefully answered in this new page turner.


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