Gold, Greed, And Good Dogs


Is all the gold in Hayfield County worth being run over by a snowmobile, nearly freezing to death, being shot in the back and suffering through an existential crisis of love and morality?

Tune in to this installment of the Dave Davecki books to find out how the stomach turns in this new pot-boiler of Wisconsin’s frozen far north.

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Once again Alphonse “Dave” Davecki finds himself faced with more problems than a math book.

How did a two-million dollar Rolex get in a muskie’s belly?

Does finders-keepers, losers-weepers apply when you’re 70-ish?

Is God spelled backwards really a criminal’s worst enemy?

Is lovely FBI agent Brekken Hawthorne The One?

Can a veterinarian named Kitty Love be trusted with dog care?



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