Gary Banker Poem Honoring National Poetry Month WAITING THE OCCASIONAL MUSE in this time

in this space in this moment

I find myself feverishly grasping for a word an idea

a phrase and, yet, the mouth of my brain remains mute

I sit, poised, soundless

hunched over, leaning forward

curved fingers looming over a black keyboard

predators awaiting prey,

the slightest moment

Zolpidem Online India only the dusty desert of thought

lifeless and I

in this time

Buy Ambien Overnight Delivery in this space

in this moment wait  

We Owe a Lot to Horses There’s a story in Connie’s book about a wagon load of people fleeing to safety, escaping the deadly firestorm. The air was so thick with smoke people fought for every breath and could not see where the road to safety was. However, the horses…the horses…the team of horses hitched to the wagon, who were also fighting to breath the acrid air…they knew. The driver gave up the reins and trusted those horses with his life and the lives of all the people on that wagon. And, you know it, the horses found their way to Duluth and delivered all those souls from the “Hellfire in Hermantown”. There’s another touching story of a horse wandering Duluth after the fires that’s well worth reading. The world owes a lot to horses.

Enter to Win

Everyone who pre-buys Milo the Legend is entered in a drawing to win a made in the USA equestrian knife and a large wall art horse portrait. First and second prizes. More prizes may be added before the drawing.

The knife (hoof pick) is made by Moore Maker, Inc. Matador, Texas and is a real dandy. The case for the hoof pick goes on your belt horizontally so it’s a little more comfortable. The case is made by NRS.

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Best of the Best Comment You don’t know it yet, but Milo the Legend is unforgettable. How do we know this? Well, because Marian Schmidt said on the Milo Facebook page, “Milo will capture your heart and your imagination. He will come alive as you travel with the gentle strength and experiences of this unforgettable horse.” Marion isn’t the only one who loves Milo, even the prairie dogs love magical, mystical, Milo.

Hawks on High: Everyday Miracles in a Hawk Ridge Season Been doing some prelim work on the 2019 poetry book by Duluth’s Phil Fitzpatrick with Penny Perry illustrating. All about Hawk Ridge, hawks, and…did I mention, hawks? We’re talking raptors baby! Exciting. Retired English teacher Phil flexes his powerful poetic muscles and Penny (Michael Perry’s cousin.) exercises her considerable artistic talent. Like I said…EXCITING!

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Hellfire at the Printer!

Order Generic Ambien Online Probably too dramatic a title, but, I guess a little hype never hurt a book soon to be released. Be that as it may, Connie Jacobson’s book, Hellfire in Hermantown is at the printer and will soon be available for purchase. Amazon has already ordered two copies so that’s good. The Bookstore at Fitgers has asked for copies and we’re hoping to get Connie in there for an author appearance/signing. It’s all good, eh?