You can call them a kaleidoscope of human behavior, the fourteen stories in this collection are certainly varied.

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Certain Events are Born Posthumously

  • When Ronstadt goes to his lover’s house to take care of the place while she is away on a business trip a shocking surprise awaits him.
  • After one month without seeing Maruja, his lover, Pepe can hardly wait to be in bed with her, but things get complicated.
  • Harriman finds it hard to control his mind, so his friend Benny, with good but dangerous intentions, tries to help him.
  • A Swedish art history professor “discovers”, at the Prado Museum, The Maids of Honor by Velazquez, and becomes obsessed with the group in the painting, hoping, in his loneliness, to be part of it.

Fernando Arrojo-Ramos is an emeritus professor of Spanish at Oberlin College, Ohio, where he also directed its comparative literature program for several years. His short stories have been published in Spain, Mexico, France, Colombia, India and the United States. In 2005, he was nominated for the Pushcart Prize and for storySouth Million Writers Award for Fiction.


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