Stop in the Name of the Law


“Names have been changed to protect the innocent and … and the guilty,” O’Kash says.


True stories of the law enforcement in Superior as it was in the old days when the Chief of Police was one of the richest men in America! Read about the wild days of prohibition, prostitution, the infamous red light district and how life really was in the wild west boomtown that had the reputation as one of the toughest towns in the world along with Hayward, Hurley and Hell!!!!!

A 12-year veteran of “Superior’s Finest,” O’Kash tells humorous stories of the force’s encounters with everything from wild animals to naked perpetrators and imagined aliens.

O’Kash grew up on the imfamous Third Street near the old time waterfront and remembers all the characters from Nigger Brown, Lady La Du, Dottie from Duluth to Madame Rose, Indian Sadie, and Rye, owner of 314 John, Superior’s most well known bordello.

This book is a bestseller in Superior and Duluth! Everyone wants to see if their name is in it. It makes a great gift.


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