I remember enjoying writing when I was in grade school. When I went to
Westover School in Middlebury, Connecticut, I was proud to have a poem
published in the school newspaper. For a long time I didn’t think about
writing until my kids were grown. It was my life experience that propelled
me to write spiritual poetry and eventually The Awakening of the Heart.

One summer I began going to the creek by our home every morning to write. I
trusted the voice that told me that the essays I was writing would someday
be a book. I didn’t have a computer and still don’t. Therefore, my book
consisted of 15 notebooks written in pencil on yellow legal pads. Ten years
later, I would be retrieving the material from the attic and beginning the
long task of getting it published-a process that involved many challenges
that I won’t go into here.

Writing the book required a great deal of courage and trust. I would
literally hear the words in my mind and write down what I was hearing. I had
previously taught meditation classes and am blessed with the gift of
clairaudience-the ability to hear spirit voices-so I definitely had the
background to receive channeled material. Out of love, my Higher Power lead
me to believe I was channeling material from another light being. However,
in reality I was channeling my Higher Self. God in His infinite wisdom knew
I wouldn’t feel adequate enough to say that I was capable of coming up with
all the wisdom on my own. It wasn’t until the book was published that I
became aware that it was channeled by my Higher Self. We all have that
divine part of us that we are capable of tapping into at any time.

The reason for the lapse of time between the writing of the book and
publishing it was that I had to experience all that I talked about in the
book. In December of 1991, while my 15 notebooks lay in the attic, I
underwent a significant spontaneous spiritual awakening. This profound
life-changing event precipitated several years of healing that included
further extraordinary journeys into consciousness and intensely challenging
work on the inner planes. This inner journey, awesome and powerful as it
was, and my subsequent healing, gave me the necessary lessons and trials to
prepare me for the publication of my book that contains wisdom now backed by
my own experience.

For example, I learned to have greater acceptance and patience with the
things I want to change within myself. I also gained greater knowledge and
wisdom through becoming honest with myself at a deeper level than was
previously possible. Further, I gained greater love and understanding of
others and myself as I learned to trust in the process of healing and growth
to which we all aspire.

Lastly, I found greater peace in learning to trust in the infinite
intelligence that lies within us all. It was from this place that I
developed my Back to Basics workshops on personal and spiritual growth.

The workshops involve creative writing. I believe we are all happiest doing
what we like to do best, wherever our talents lie. I’m happiest when I’m
writing and being of service at the same time. It is a great antidote for
depression and boredom. I find when I follow my heart and my talents;, I’m
blessed with abundance. However we all have dry spells and times when we’re
not necessarily productive. Yet, it is at these times that we’re
experiencing much necessary growth and enlightenment. Seeds are being
planted and sooner or later, with faith, the results will manifest.