Memories of Iron River

Memories of Iron River


SP: How and why did you start writing? I wrote the book because everyone kept asking me to write Iron River’s history. I also wanted to use the proceeds to keep our museum going.

SP: What have you learned from writing? I’ve learned that people still enjoy reading. Especially young people; they love to learn about the past.

SP: Comment on your writing habits.  

a. What are you currently working on? I’m writing a companion book now to include people and stories I missed in the first book.
b. What time of day do you write?
I like to write early in the morning.
c. How many days per week?
Right now, I only write about twice a week for about thirty minutes.
d. Do you keep a journal?

SP: Has any single book inspired you as a writer? Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Sonnets of the Portuguese.

SP: Describe your ideal reading conditions. Soft music, good light, and no interruptions.

SP: Are you writing to anyone in particular as you create? I only want to write about what I know.

SP: Do you travel to gain inspiration or are you a home-body? I don’t travel.

SP: What contemporary book are you currently reading?
Fiction I prefer classics by Dickins and Robert Louis Stevenson.
Non-fiction? A book about Eleanor Roosevelt.
Poetry? I’m always reading classic poetry.

SP: Name an author you admire. Longfellow.

SP: What is your all-time favorite book? Tom Sawyer is the best book I’ve ever read.

SP: What is the best book you’ve read in the last year? The Courage of Abraham Lincoln

SP: What is your favorite: Verb? Do Adjective? Proud

SP: What is the first book you read that totally grabbed you and made you want to keep turning pages? You know, the first book you couldn’t put down, the one that kept you up way, way late. A Child’s Garden of Verses by R.L. Stevenson

SP: Care to mention your family? My father died when I was eleven, but he gave me a lifetime of learning. My mother was a disciplinarian, and I learned right from wrong.

SP: What do you do in your spare time? Hobbies? I volunteer at the thrift store, library, and musuem. I belong to the Rebecca Lodge and sit on the cemetery board. By hobbies are wiring, carpentry, and painting houses.

SP: What feedback have you had since the release of Memories of Iron River? I’ve received many letters thanking me for writing the book. Many people tell me they like the book. Two books even went to Norway!