aiphilsneveSP: How and why did you start writing?

PS: I started writing due to an inexplicable urge to take every life experience, put my own spin on it, place it into the context of someone in a hypothetical midlife crisis, and put it into formed verse

SP: Why did you write your most recent book?

PS: Once I had written about 50 poems, as well as 20 songs, I felt a need to place the result into a more permananent record of the thought process I was having.

SP: What have you learned from writing?

PS: Writing is one very good way to put random philosophical thought onto a page, and standing back to admire your work, get a measure of where you stand on various issues affecting life.

SP: Where do you write?

PS: Usually I write at coffee shop. Most of my stuff starts out as a note or a few words on a paper napkin. These napkins remain stuffed into various pockets and, when extricated, provide fodder for good sessions of mental puking on lined paper. Or at bedtime. Sometimes the napkins come out of the pockets immediately prior to sleep time, and the process of writing additional claptrap makes sleep come more easily. One hint here is that you should never never say to yourself “What a good idea, I will remember that tomorrow when I wake up.” Always turn on the light, grab a pen and some paper and write it down, unless you are in heavy traffic. Then you should call your own voicemail and leave yourself a message. Much safer writing technique.

SP: What time of day do you write?

PS: Usually afternoon or evenings.

SP: How many days per week do you write?

PS: When the muse is there, it can be every day.

SP: Do you keep a journal?

PS: No journal.

SP: Has any single book inspired you as a writer?

PS: No single book. Maybe “The World According to Garp”. Good belly laughs. John Irving uses his stories to make social commentary. You don’t realize it at the time, but then find yourself answering a question with “yeth”.

SP: What are your writing aspirations?

PS: I want to write “The” country song that combines the formula of good drunks and lost loves, and make myself millions of dollars.

SP: Whom do you envision as your audience?

PS: For poetry: My family; for music: The unwashed millions

SP: Are you writing to anyone in particular as you create?

PS: Anyone who is willing to read or sing or listen.

SP: Do you travel to gain inspiration or are you a home-body?

PS: Inspiration comes from experience that drives strong emotional response, whether it is my experience or someone else’s.

SP: Do local characters play a part in your writing?

PS: Only as providers of emotionally driven life experience.

SP: What do you think of the NY Times Best Seller List?

PS: Darn, my subscription ran out a million years ago.

SP: Are you reading a NYT list book currently?

PS: No. I am reading Staggerford.

SP: Name an author you admire.

PS: John Irving

SP: Why?

PS: He’s easy to read and funny.

SP: What do you do in your spare time? Hobbies?

PS: I have really high quality compost pile. I also play the guitar.