aiChrisRussell1. How and why did you start writing?

Answer: Writing is something that I have always enjoyed doing. As a student, more often than not, we are provided topics about which we are asked to write. In my profession as an attorney, I do a tremendous amount of writing related to cases and work-related topics. Writing a book, however, provided me with the best of both worlds doing something that I enjoy doing, and writing about something I wanted to write about!

2. Why did you write you most recent book?

Answer: I wrote The Final Buzzer because I had a tremendous experience as a student athlete at Kenyon College. The Final Buzzer enabled me to share my experience as a Division III athlete with others who have either had a similar experience, or who may be contemplating such an experience. The book was a wonderful way to express a lot of very positive feelings about my family, a wonderful educational institution Kenyon College — and a game that brought me years of enjoyment . . . basketball.

3. What have you learned from writing?

Answer: I have learned many things from writing. First and foremost, is that it is a wonderfully therapeutic exercise. We all have busy lives, and writing enables an individual to spend time in uninterrupted thought. With this being said, however, I have also learned that oftentimes it is a lot easier to think about a topic than it is to write about a topic.

4. Comment on your writing habits.

a. Where do you write?

Answer: Wherever I am when I have a spare moment.

b. What time of day?

Answer: Typically late at night or on vacation.

c. How many days per week?

Answer: I am not currently writing at all.

d. Do you keep a journal?

Answer: No.

5. Has any single book inspired you as a writer?

Answer: Candidly it is impossible to single out any one book as a source of inspiration. As an English major at Kenyon, I had the opportunity to read literally hundreds of great works. Personally, I believe that every book is an inspiration because it represents the heartfelt efforts of the author.

6. What are your writing aspirations?

Answer: To date, I have only written a single book. I believe that at some point in time before I die which hopefully will not be for a while! I can try again.

7. Whom to envision as your audience?

Answer: For The Final Buzzer, I envision my audience as prospective student athletes and former student athletes.

8. Are you writing to anyone in particular as you create?

Answer: No.

9. Do you travel to gain inspiration or are you a home body?

Answer: While there are certain places that I love to go such as Cope Cod in the Summer I am perfectly comfortable staying at home.

10. Do local characters play a part in your writing?

Answer: I believe that everyone with whom we have contact whether it is past, present, or future potentially impacts our writing.

11. What do you think of the New York Times bestseller list?

Are you reading a New York Times list book currently?

Answer: I am embarrassed to say that I have not read a single book in its entirety for quite some time. At this stage in my life, reading has taken a backseat to a lot of other activities.

12. What contemporary book are you currently reading?

Answer: Most of the books that I read right now are by Dr. Seuss, and my reading usually occurs with my children before they go to bed!

13. Name an author you admire?

Answer: From a historical standpoint, I always enjoyed the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Updike’s books are phenomenal. Candidly, my list could go on and on!

14. What do you do in your spare time? Hobbies?

Answer: My ultimate goal is to spend as much time as I possibly can engaged in family activities whatever they may be. I am blessed with a beautiful wife and three wonderful children, and doing anything or nothing at all with them makes me tremendously happy.