PACKERS Verses VIKINGS – A Poetic Perspective


From the ruminations of a solitary Packer fan, to “bulletin board at work” material, across the world on the Internet and finally into your hands in book form, comes this collection of original poetry.

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This collection of somewhat irreverent, surprisingly entertaining, mostly funny (and only slightly Packer-oriented) poetry represents the past ten years’ worth of writing for Carl Nelson.

Although the main focus of each week’s work is the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings, as the years have progressed every team in the National Football League has had its chance to fall under Nelson’s magnifying glass and to be mentioned (if not lampooned)in rhyme, providing a sort of “stroll down memory lane” and look back at some of the greatest games and players in the NFL.

As Chuck Frederick, one of the editors at the Duluth (MN) News-Tribune says: “This is by no means highbrow, wine-and-brie poetry. Nelson produces rhymes — or near rhymes — geared more toward armchair quarterbacks than aficionados of the poetic arts. But they’re fan-friendly and as welcome as a bowl of nuts and a mug of Lite beer at kickoff.”

Sit back, put your feet up and follow along through the history of two of the biggest rivals in the NFL, the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings, as they play their way through the years.


3 reviews for PACKERS Verses VIKINGS – A Poetic Perspective

  1. Al Pascutti

    The book was outstanding and brought back alot of memories. The author was articulate and thoughtful.

  2. Hollis Norman – The Daily Telegram

    After reviewing From Where the Rivers Come, by Richard Solly, an accomplished scholar and poet, reviewing Carl “Gator” Nelson’s Packers “verses” Vikings is a cumbersome, if not, “cheesy” prospect. But one has to admire Nelson’s zeal for packer poetry even if his rhyming verse doesn’t inspire the reader—unless it’s to watch or play more football. More like a diary/scrapbook of the Packer’s career from 1996 to 2006, Packers “verses” Vikings is a complete history of the game of football from a “Cheesehead’s” point of view. And one can’t help but marvel at the dedication of a fan so willing to pen packer-inspired poetry every week!—an obvious testimony to the Green Bay team. As the name of the book implies, the Vikings are an important part of the Packers equation. Packers without Vikings is like a grilled cheese without the cheese. A Packer’s victory is joyless without their nemesis’ across the bridge crying in their Budweiser. But, the rivalry isn’t a serious one, as there are photos sprinkled throughout the book of Vikings fans in full regalia. The over-sized hardcover book is loaded with poems all about football for all-about-football fans of all ages, if the pictures throughout the book are any indication. Black and white photos of friends, kids, and grandkids happily smiling or posing (oftentimes in Packer apparel—whether jerseys, hats or the ubiquitous cheese wedge hats) for the camera abound on every page. And if the book-launching brawl—I mean—party at the Keyport on December 21st was any indication—the book may now be able to boast the ability to incite riots over miniature Packers football give-a-ways—complete with not only phone calls to the police, but an arrest as well! Packer’s poetry is not only sure to entertain and maybe even amuse the lovers of the game of football, but will also inform the sadly uninformed un-packer’s fans.

  3. Wendy Robertson

    These homegrown poems will provide you with homefield advantage memories. Carl Nelson combines humor and rhyming analysis of past games. This is a fun “reading re-play” for Viking and Packer fans!

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