Philosophical Poems


Philosophical Poems explores the Mind of the Universe, considers the power of Thought, observes the interlocking/interwoven complexities of Man and Nature.

A profound book.

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Philosophical Poems by E.M. Johnson is the third in the series of books by this noted northern Wisconsin poet. The late E.M. Johnson’s work has been published widely in the U.S. in anthologies in Owing Mills, MD; Bath, OH; Kirkland, WA; Abilene, TX; Stirling Heights, MI; Harlingen, TX; Sisterville, WVa.

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  1. Jared Glovsky of the Ashland Daily Press (verified owner)

    Mr. Johnson . . . has a calculated command of language and a talent for conveying his message without overstatement, without repetition and without becoming maudlin or righteous.

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