Thicker Than Water


In this collection, Sangster, a Duluth writer by way of Scotland and Canada, explores close family relationships in poetry and prose, weaving a complex fabric of characters and ideas. The images in this fabric range from the carefully composed tableaus of the most ethereal and uplifting of historical religious art to the quickly captured snapshots of the gritty and realistic urban landscape. There are threads of humor and of horror, sensitivity and love, cruelty and coldness, but they are always knit together with an eye for the telling detail and the depth and complexity of character only achieved by fine writers. Hazel Sangester is one of these fine writers. This collection is the proof.
-Barry Hammond, author of Cold Front and other writings in over thirty literary magazines and anthologies in three countries

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Sangster is a writer with a wonderful gift: she can have me laughing uproariously one moment, and then in tears just two or three lines later when she turns what at first glance is just a fun piece of fiction or poetry into the hard and sometimes bitter reality of life. Digging deep, Hazel’s writing can be tender, but never maudlin; it pushes a reader’s buttons, but keeps a tricky balance between offense and humor; it holds up an unflinching mirror, forcing the reader to look at his or her own beliefs.
-Jena Snyder, Editor, ON SPEC Magazine


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