Journey Into Joy

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This is a spiritual autobiography of a life lived in pursuit of joy and enlightenment. It is a heartwarming read that will put a smile on your face and guide you on your own Journey Into Joy.

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Excerpted Opening Poem

How can we be peaceful?
I once heard someone ask.
The Wise One answered,
“Finding peace within yourself
must become your task.”

How do I find peace within
When all the world’s a mess?
The wise one said,
“Behold! These conditions you must bless.”

How can I bless the hate, the fear
And all that isn’t right?
When you understand the purpose
You will see it in the light.

How can I see the purpose
When I’m just a mortal soul in fear?
You must open to your spirit
And the answer will be clear.

How do I open to the spirit?
How do I look inside?
You must trust the God within yourself
And in His love abide.

And if I do this, will I know
Why the earth is full of pain?
You will know this and more
For there’s much for you to gain.

Yes, you will know just what to do
And you will see your part.
You will know how you can help
To ease the aching heart.

You will understand the seasons
And the reasons will be clear.
You will comprehend the cycles
And you’ll know just why you’re here.

You will know just when to speak
And what you are to say.
And you will know when silence
Proves to be the better way.

You will know when you should act;
You will know when to refrain;
You will understand through listening
There’s much for you to gain.

You’ll find that peace within yourself
That you’ve been longing for.
And you’ll find the freedom you’ve been seeking
As you walk on through the door.

And when you’re on the other side,
You’ll know there is no fear.
You’ll understand there’s only love
And that is why you’re here.


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