Summer Storm


A Lake Superior Romance

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Janine Nielson loved Duluth, Minnesota. She loved the stately pace at which her life unfolded. She loved her quiet work as a librarian. She loved the sedate fogs, the cool breezes off the largest freshwater lake in the world, the many months of snowfall. She loved living with her Mother Joan in their old family home on the shores of the fabled Gitche Gumee, the big sea shining waters, magnificent Lake Superior. Her life was charted, predictable and safe; which is the way she liked it, after losing her father to the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald during the Gales of November.

Until one foggy night, rushing to catch her bus, Janine literally collides with a new destiny.

Tempestuous, turbulent and intense; Alberto Casilda, a member of the Spanish aristocracy visiting friends in Duluth, is instantly fascinated by this woman who seems utterly unaffected by their chance meeting.

When the handsome Alberto pursues Janine, who is doing her best to avoid the charming Spaniard, the resulting romantic storm stretches from Duluth to Spain and back again.

As Janine and Alberto attempt to navigate the tumultuous waters of a love that spans continents, both face challenges that must be overcome in order for their love to survive.


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