Spartan Negotiator


Second fast-paced book in the Spartan series where enforcer Frank Kane goes to Fort Worth, Texas to rescue a Spartan founder’s brother who has gotten himself mixed up with some very nasty Chechnyan rebels badly wanting Surface to Air Missiles to bring chaos and deathly Jihad to the United States. As usual, Frank delivers Spartan style justice and lets the gods sort out the rest.

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“John Saunders has a remarkable gift for crafting sharp-edged, gritty, page-turning thrillers. And in his Spartan-inspired protagonist, Frank Kane, he has given us a compelling, strongly realized anti-hero worthy of being placed on the same high shelf as Spillane’s immortal Mike Hammer and similar icons of the tough-guy genre.”
–William R. Trotter, author of A Frozen Hell, The Civil War in North Carolina, Winter Fire, and Warrener’s Beastie, and winner of the 1992 Finlandia Foundation’s coveted Arts and Letters Prize

“Woven together intricately are two stories about Frank Kane: in present day, he s a lone wolf on a quest for redemption, but in the past he was smack in the middle of the violent destruction of the Spartan motorcycle club. It s a tale of violence, intrigue and true love as big as myths of ages past.”
–Renae Geerlings actress, comic book editor, writer, producer


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