Sailing Home


Book three of Lori's Lake Superior Romances.

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A Lake Superior Romance

The Jacoubi family has spent decades building a business dynasty in Duluth, Minnesota. In order to secure the family legacy, they need their only son and heir to navigate the turbulent waters of the new century.

Determined to live his own life, Ajai Jacoubi ruined the family's plan when he left for the international polo circuit. Living as a jet setter in South America and Europe, Ajai's life is changed when he meets Spaniard Alberto Casilda and experiences the love of the Casilda family. Ajai wants what Alberto has and returns to Duluth to assume his rightful role in the family business.
Ajai is welcomed back by everyone except Deana Michaels. Deana and her father Frank were next-door neighbors of the Jacoubis, and Deana spent her teenage years secretly pining for Ajai. Deana was furious when Ajai abandoned his family and now how dare he return as if nothing had ever happened.

As an accountant for Jacoubi Enterprises, Deana finds that Ajai sailing back nto her life as her boss only makes matters worse. When Ajai offers his friendship to Deana, the situation becomes unbearable. The pain of her unrequited high school crush comes to life and, knowing Ajai's history, she harbors suspicions.

Ajai's continuing attempts to befriend Deana, and his emerging role as the leader of Jacoubi Enterprises, brings disorder to Deana's orderly life. Despite her best efforts to keep him in his place, and, bewildered by the remnants of her past infatuation, Deana struggles to discover if her new feelings might be true love.

Emotionally adrift on the seas of confusion and doubt, can Deana and Ajai chart a course to a lifetime of true love?


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