• Frank Larson has been funny ever since he was born. As a youth in Iron River, Wisconsin, he kept his classmates laughing pretty much all the time. Then he had to grow up and get a job.
  • In this collection, Sangster, a Duluth writer by way of Scotland and Canada, explores close family relationships in poetry and prose, weaving a complex fabric of characters and ideas. The images in this fabric range from the carefully composed tableaus of the most ethereal and uplifting of historical religious art to the quickly captured snapshots of the gritty and realistic urban landscape. There are threads of humor and of horror, sensitivity and love, cruelty and coldness, but they are always knit together with an eye for the telling detail and the depth and complexity of character only achieved by fine writers. Hazel Sangester is one of these fine writers. This collection is the proof. -Barry Hammond, author of Cold Front and other writings in over thirty literary magazines and anthologies in three countries
  • A gem of ageless poems that celebrate nature, the seasons, God and life in all its glory.
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    A delightfully wide scope of commentary on life, politics, geography and human behavior.
  • Philosophical Poems explores the Mind of the Universe, considers the power of Thought, observes the interlocking/interwoven complexities of Man and Nature. A profound book.
  • Edwin Johnson has been published in three different anthologies of poetry by the National Library of Poetry.
  • When an abandoned house gets labeled a haunted house in the Internet age, at least one youth is thrilled by the idea of exploring it. Dusty Greene hasn’t learned yet that there are some things we really should be afraid of.
  • Danny Boy is an intimate look at a life well lived, a fond remembrance of one man’s impact on his family, friends and, community, and a frank and fearless look at end of life challenges. It is also a profound statement of faith, filled with assurances that faith does not go unrewarded.
  • A Minnesota Pioneer Memoir that reveals rural life the way it was...challenging, inspirational, tragic, happy, everything life is meant to be. Funny, poignant, old-time writing.
  • Collected essays and poems about coming to terms with the dark companion. The compilation of submissions to the Kelly Culhane Writing Prize.
  • Finn

    A wise and witty combination of prose and poetry about Finland and being a Finnish immigrant to the U.S.A.
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