Northern Lights Magic


Kaycee Swanson made it big in the world of modeling. Paris, London and New York were a long way from Duluth. And then Hollywood called. Getting a part in a movie being shot on Lake Superior’s rugged North Shore thrust Kaycee back into the middle of her family’s life.


Ruggedly handsome Jimmy Zane grew up in Duluth, joined the Army, flew helicopters for the Forest Service and worked as a Texas Ranger before returning to Duluth to work as a Minnesota State Trooper. As a schoolboy one of his missions in life was to protect Kaycee Swanson from her youthful exuberance and impetuous nature.

When the two old friends are reunited at the movie set on Palisade Head, Kaycee as the ingénue star and Jimmy as the security detail, old feelings come to life and the embers of love cut short by teenage misunderstandings are stirred to flame.

Everything is more intense on the high cliff above of the spectacular shores of Gitche Gumee. As winter gales rage across the inland sea, both Kaycee and Jimmy must reconcile their past, face the turbulent waters of the present and decide if their newly discovered love has the power to carry them through the storms of a lifetime together.


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