Eraser’s Edge


Every once in a while, a collection of poetry comes out that just makes sense. This is such a collection. Sometimes these poems are practical, sometimes funny, sometimes they are deeply moving; always they resonate with clear humanity.

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Whether poet Phil Sneve is observing, advising, describing, or just plain yukking it up for the sake of a good laugh, Eraser’s Edge is gratifying, insightful, inspiring, and full of delight. Sneve dares to trek across a wide poetic panorama. He brings the reader to a spacious emotional and intellectual landscape that will not fail to entertain, intrigue and inspire.

In Eraser’s Edge poet Phil Sneve shares poems that spring from his songwriting experience and his expansive view of life. Like insurance man/poet Wallace Stevens, mortgage banker Sneve reveals that the heart of a poet beats beneath the bankman’s exterior. A fun book with great laughs as well as intellectual challenges.


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