Beyond the Freeway

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Beyond the Freeway is an insightful look at the way the world has changed since the author’s early years. Peter J. Benzoni offers a unique look at what is happening to America BEYOND THE FREEWAY.

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It is with great sorrow that we report that our beloved Peter passed away unexpectedly and was unable to see his second book in its final published form. Despite our great loss, the family and Savage Press are committed to bringing Peter’s second book to the public because of the timeliness and importance of what Peter has to say about the decline of unionism and the American rural way of life.

Peter J. Benzoni was born in a rural home near Hurley, Wisconsin. He grew up within view of deep underground mines. His father, and other European immigrants, worked off and on as economic fluctuations dictated. In this environment he learned first-hand about the hardships of struggling families in developing communities.

He followed his father into the mines, where he rapidly became a pioneer union activist. He rose through the ranks to become a district director and member of the international union executive board. This brought him in contact with some of the greatest leaders of industry and government of his time.

Beyond the Freeway is filled with historical events that only a person of his age, background and experience can relate. The author feels compelled to bring these stories to light for the benefit of future generations who will some day become curious about the working conditions and lifestyles of ordinary people that brought us to the turn of a new century.


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