Beacons of the Earth and Sky


In this outstanding new volume, Randolph's paintings and poems deftly direct the sensitive reader's attention to the “Beacons” of the earth and sky that guide us safely to the center of ourselves…that is, home.

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In her first book, “In the Heart of the Forest” Diana shared intimately about her deep connections and insightful interactions with the heart of northern Wisconsin’s massive northern hardwoods forest in which she lives and dwells and has her being.

An Invitation

A ringing chirp

beckons me to squint up

at frosty popple branches

Two poised grosbeaks

shine golden in the rising sun

I point my mittened hand

to the east, towards my home

hidden in the woodland maze

where my bird feeder

overflows with seeds

The pair remain perched

readjusting their wings

looking nonchalantly about the forest

as if they have many invitations

to choose from

I snowshoe towards home

on the old railroad grade

lined thickly with pines

Navigating over buried logs

then cross the road

to my driveway

Unstrapping my snowshoes

I look at the feeder

astonished to see them there

two grosbeaks

whose wings took flight

over the labyrinth

of uneven treetops

to their chosen feast


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