Baloney on Wry


Frank Larson has been funny ever since he was born. As a youth in Iron River, Wisconsin, he kept his classmates laughing pretty much all the time. Then he had to grow up and get a job.


Despite this most cruel reality, Larson never abandoned his sense of humor and began foisting his clever opinions on an unsuspecting public by writing columns for newspapers from Alaska to Tennessee. His first book, Jackpine Savages, Skinny Dipping for Fun and Profit was a bestseller that had everyone in stitches. Now the world's funniest newspaper columns ever published by Frank Larson are yours to enjoy.
Herein you will learn the secrets of happiness, the tried and true recipe for Red Beans, Red Death, the best alternative to the Dewey Decimal System, the value of Idiot Strings and a host of other extremely valuable everyday hints like, “Never drive to Alaska in the middle of winter in a car with no heater.”

As usual, you can count on the author to be perfectly Frank.


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