A Life in Two Worlds


Betty Powell Skoog, of Irish-Ojibwa descent, was raised in the traditional ways of her Ojibwa grandmother, along the shores of Saganagons Lake in Ontario, Canada. As the white settlers moved into the area, their growing influence changed Betty's way of life.


“Betty Powell Skoog comes from one of the most famous Ojibwa families that historically lived along the Minnesota-Ontario border. Combined with skilled storyteller Justine Kerfoot, the two provide intriguing and colorful insights into the life of a traditional American Indian family at a time of transition from the late 1899s to the predominate [sic] white culture of today.” –Bob Cary, Ely, Minnesota.

The history of Betty’s family is a fascinating narrative of six generations of the Powells, that begins with the great-grandmother Ka-way-wi-gesi-kook, in the early 1800s, and continues to the present. Her tales represent how the Indians lived, adapted to the white settlers’ ways and survived in the northern Minnesota and Ontario wilderness during the first half of this century.

This book is being reprinted by the Schroeder Area Historical Society due to popular demand.


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