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    Milo the Legend

    • ISBN 978-1-937706-19-7
    • 168 pages
    • Hard Cover with Dust Jacket
    • 50 fantastic full color paintings/pages by Charity Aili Ruotsala, Ironwood, Michigan
    • 8.5 x 11 Large Format
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  • In 1918 fire protection was rudimentary at best. At worst it was non-existent. In this finely written book, local reporter and Hermantown historian Connie Jacobson details the physical mayhem and emotional shock and trauma that the rural community and its pioneer residents suffered during the most ruinous, devastating, cataclysmic fire in the history of northeastern Minnesota.

    ISBN: 978-1-937706-18-0

    SIZE: 8 x 10 Large Format


    140 Pages

    Numerous Historical, Original Photos and Illustrations

    Original Cover Art by Karen Holden

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    Kaycee Swanson made it big in the world of modeling. Paris, London and New York were a long way from Duluth. And then Hollywood called. Getting a part in a movie being shot on Lake Superior’s rugged North Shore thrust Kaycee back into the middle of her family’s life.
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    Sailing Home

    Book three of Lori's Lake Superior Romances.
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