A priest defrocked for squealing on his Bishop returns to Wisconsin’s Brule Valley searching for his birth mother. He ends up becoming the infamous hermit of the Brule, robbing cabins to stay alive, stealing only foodstuffs, propane, and BOOKS. Stanski and Davecki are called to one such B&E by Oliver and Sarah O’Grady where they find the trademark M.O. Their challenge is to bring a criminal to justice who is smarter than the both of them combined, and has expert animal help from land, and air.

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Is all the gold in Hayfield County worth being run over by a snowmobile, nearly freezing to death, being shot in the back and suffering through an existential crisis of love and morality?

Tune in to this installment of the Dave Davecki books to find out how the stomach turns in this new pot-boiler of Wisconsin’s frozen far north.

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“Every autumn, Hawk Ridge hosts an astonishing natural phenomenon as raptors pour out of Canada and, funneled by geographic features, circle and stream overhead by the dozens, hundreds, thousands–sometimes tens of thousands in a single day. Phil Fitzpatrick’s poetry captures the spirit of this place, a feat which seems about as unlikely as snagging a goshawk in a mist net. I especially admire the variety in this collection–from the goofy delights of children’s verse all the way through to a kind of sober majesty worthy of Robinson Jeffers. The prevailing moods are exuberance and joy. Hawks on High is a wildly life-affirming book.”

–Bart Sutter, author of Cold Comfort. and many other books.

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Retired detective Alphonse “Dave” Davecki takes up fishing for steelhead on the mighty Bois Brule River. As usual, he gets himself in over his head by catching a corpse instead of a trout. Reeled into the investigation by his old partner, Deputy Pat Stanski, they seek to find out why a dead naked guy was drowned in the world famous trout stream. Lovely,  talented and mysterious Brekken Hawthorne seems to appear at every step of the investigation. What the dynamic trio discover is that truth is stranger than fiction.

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Milo is a very special horse.

He travels the dimensions spreading brotherhood and teaching The Virtues. He meets new friends and learns from each of them. Milo and his fairies, along with The Holy Cow and Top Being, meet Raven and Vulture and Frog and all kinds of special creatures. Together they all have unforgettable adventures.

Milo and Raven

Frog says, “Milo is the best of the best of the best!” And everyone knows that Frog is always, “Right, right, right!”

Milo can run like the Wind.

Milo can change the world.

If Milo touches you with his nose, you’ll never be the same.

Milo makes everyone better.

Meet Milo.

You’ll see.

Milo and the Old Cowboy and his horse.

Milo Meets Secretariat.

Milo and Jessica share everything.

The Prairie Dogs Listen to what Milo has to teach them.














An Amazing Journey

The remarkable autobiography of a man born to an age when ships were of wood and men were of steel.

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Autobiography of Charles Elisha Hanning completed in 1916. Edited by Hanning’s great-granddaughter, Duluth’s Susan F. Bailess.
Author Charles Elisha Hanning

Author Charles Elisha Hanning

Editor Susan F. Bailess

Editor Susan F. Bailess





Front Cover

From Blueberries to Blue Seas, Sailing Adventures of a Midwest Farmer, or Real Sailors Don’t Need a Dodger

Curt Bush sold his blueberry farm in Cloquet, Minnesota and sailed his refurbished sailboat, Sweet Breeze, from Duluth to the Atlantic single-handed. That means alone. Though he did have a lot of help from friends and strangers along the way. “Reading this book is a learning experience in and of itself,” one advance reader commented.

Follow Curt all the way from the middle of the country to the Atlantic as he faces storms, big seas, small miracles, and daily adventures.

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Author Curt Bush

Curt Bush alone at sea selfie.

Red sky at night. Sailor's delight.

Red sky at night. Sailor’s delight.

Rhodes cutter. Brief sailing companion.

Rhodes cutter. Brief sailing companion.

Red sky at morning. Sailor's take warning.

Red sky at morning.
Sailor’s take warning.

Photo of Sweet Breeze nicely heeled over in a good wind with Curt's self-rigged

Sweet Breeze nicely heeled over in a good wind with Curt’s self-rigged “sheet to tiller” autopilot system working fine.

Photo of Sweet Breeze tied up at a dock on Quebec's Gaspe Peninsula. Note the low tide and high dock and see the blazing bloom of Fireweed on shore.

Sweet Breeze tied up at a dock on Quebec’s Gaspe Peninsula. Note the low tide and high dock and see the blazing bloom of Fireweed on shore.

Ghost ship haunting Curt and Sweet Breeze on Lake Huron.

Ghost ship haunting Curt and Sweet Breeze on Lake Huron.









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Author Photo canon pix 0139781937706142FROM A YELLOWED PHOTO

Unearthed, Unabashed, Unfettered

Gary C. Banker



     “Mr. Banker,” taught for many years in the Superior school district. He inspired thousands of students. Here, he inspires again.

     Intriguing, intense, insightful poetry by one of Superior, Wisconsin’s most beloved teachers. These 56 pages of thoughtful poetry, accompanied by lovely vintage photos, take the reader deep into reflection on, and appreciation of, some of the delightful moments in life. The graduate of UW-Superior and veteran of decades of teaching in the Superior School District shares his gratitude for all he has been given and treats the reader to his unique and imaginative world view. Bringing his countless hours of teaching English to eager students, Banker’s experience with the written, poetic, word shines brightly.


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Catching Lightning Without the Bottle, a Book About the 3-Rs: Recovery, Relationships, and Redemption…. And of course, baseball. And the Cubs, those lovable Cubs.

Catching Lightning Without the Bottle

Author Timothy F. Bouvine

Author Timothy F. Bouvine

Catching Lightning Without the Bottle is about the 3-Rs of…. Recovery, Redemption, and Relationships, set against the backdrop of a miraculous baseball season for Blake Benson, a former Chicago Cubs star now relegated to third-string, very limited duty, as he has gradually slipped into reduced capacity through the abuse of booze, lack of commitment, and loss of interest.

After a tragic plane crash claims the lives of all his teammates, he rebounds to rediscover his inner-self through sobriety and becoming a player-manager for the hastily assembled new team. Together they struggle to, “Catch lightning in a bottle,” as Leo Durocher said in 1941, preserve the 10-game lead the late team members bequeathed them, and keep the Division Title from the hard charging St. Louis Cardinals.

The big question is, can Blake do his part without the bottle?

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