Burn Baby Burn


Somebody's been “burning down the house” in Superior, Wisconsin. This to the tune of 18 buildings in 11 months. Things are getting out of hand on “Arson Avenue” in northern Wisconsin's most beautiful city

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Alphonse “Dave” Davecki is told by Police Chief B.D. Callahan to stop the madness. To help Dave in this quest, Callahan assigns a new partner to Davecki. Andrea “Bubba” Carlstrom is the finest arson investigator in the state. She’s also beautiful and tough.
Together these crime fighters end up in the Twin Cities of “Murderapolis” and St. Paul doing battle with demented fire cultists who want nothing more than to turn our heroes into life-less carbon based life forms through the use of the latest flame thrower technology for cars and Sport Utility Vehicles.


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