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Hear Poems Here is an outgrowth of Mr. Savage's KUWS radio broadcasts and commentaries. HPH features poets and poems of note and interest. To submit your work for consideration to be read on the air please email your submission to
If you wish to submit work via regular mail, send it to:
Hear Poems Here
P.O. Box 115
Superior, WI 54880
Submissions will not be returned. Keep in mind that length is a critical factor. The program is under three minutes long generally, with very few exceptions.

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An Irish Father by Paul Bennett
January Two by Jeff Lewis
Gypsy by Brett Bartholomaus
Winter, Deep in the Forest by Diana Randolph
The Good Frost by Emil Meitzner
Two Poems by Kay Karras
Two Poems by Kay Pollock
Fading Memory by Mary B Wadzinski
Minnesotan's Lament by Nick Glumac
Energia 003 by George Gott
For Marcia 1938 - 1992 by Hazel Sangster
Grandmother's Arms by Bekah Bevins
Two Poems by Phil Sneve
Under the Skies I fain Would Roam by E.M. Johnson
When Words Were Young by Heidi Howes
Whispering Wordlessly by Janet Kay
Peace by Jill Downs
Waiting by Tina Marie Higgins
The Garden is Growing Old by Bruce Dethlefsen
Big Brown Pills by Louis Jenkins
Late Afternoon, 30,000 Feet by William McCarthy

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