Georgeann Cheney


SP: How many books have you written?

GC: Two. Superior Catholics and He Was a Moose—a children’s book. I didn’t really write Superior Catholics. I collected stories from people. I knew these stories would be lost forever if someone didn’t get them down on paper.

He Was a Moose was done with Duluth Watercolor artist, Teresa Cox Kolar. It was almost published by two publishing companies. It is a wonderful book if someone out there would like to publish it.

SP: What are your writing aspirations?

GC: I would like to do another Superior book. My sister is doing an ABC book about Superior Central for the historical society and I would like to get He Was a Moose published.

SP: What do you read?

GC: I read mostly non-fiction, but I just joined a book club and we read The Great Gatsby and Plain Truth, by Jodi Picoult. I’ve never been in a book club and I really enjoy it.

SP: Name an author you admire.

GC: Two really—Truman Capote—I have never read a better written book than In Cold Blood and Mike Savage. His stuff is filled with wonderful local color, great characters and his books make me laugh out loud.

SP: Have you always been such a suck up?

GC: Why yes. It always works with certain publishers.

SP: What do you do in your spare time? Hobbies?

GC: In my spare time, I work at the Minnesota Children’s Museum, read, spend time with my grandchildren, go to movies and plays and always try to put a little fun and adventure into every day.

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