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Following in the Footsteps
of Ernest Hemingway

ISBN: 1-886028-73-7

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Da Trout Angler, Jay

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Jay Thurston

110 Trout Tips to get more fish!

60 stories reprinted from newspapers & magazines around the Midwest by one of America's best trout fishermen.

Trout tips as well as outstanding human interest.

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of Ernest Hemingway? Review it here!

Book Reviews for:
Following in the Footsteps
of Ernest Hemingway
  Rating: Excellent
Comments: You don't need to fish for trout to really enjoy Jay's book. The short stories make it a book to reach for if you have just a few minutes to enjoy an escape to nature. Jay's excellent fishing tips make it a must-read for all serious fisherman. I, however, most enjoyed the stories of otter, bear, and Jay's getting lost in the grocery store more easily than he does in the midde of nowhere. I laughed more than once, I cried with him over the loss of his friend, and I truly enjoyed every story in this book.
Submitted by: Nan Wisherd on 8/27/2005 2:19:47 PM
  Rating: Excellent
Comments: Jay Thurston's first book is an informative and light read. I'm not a fisherman, but I picked up this book and couldn't put it down. He offers years of experience and insight not only on trout fishing, but also about life in general. Jay's book truely inspires a longing to spend more time appreciating the beauty and awe which nature inspires.
Submitted by: Anni Friesen on 9/14/2005 4:02:04 PM
  Rating: Excellent
Comments: Dear Mr. Thurston My wife & I went to Hillsboro to spend Easter with my inlaws. My mother in law gave me a signed copy of your book "Following in the footseps of Ernest Hemingway".We got there on Saturday. I brought my rod,a few jigs & a needle nose pliers with me so I could spend a few hours on the pine river. The fishing was less than spectacular. I caught a couple of browns in the 12 to 13 inch range & lost 3 or 4 more. The odds were stacked against me because I dont use waders & there were tracks of other anglers all over the banks of the sction of river I was fishing. I fished for a couple of hours & headed back to the inlaws for dinner. Dinner was not yet ready when I got back so I picked up your book & started reading it. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. The stories were great,some left me a little misty eyed. It was also quite refreshing to read about spinner bait fishing for trout for a change. It seems that everything written about trout fishing involves a flyrod. I would like to learn flyfishing some day I currently dont have the time or money to do so. Another thing I loved about your book was the fact that you had no problem throwing baits as large as a no.3 mepps,wich has been my bait of choice for quite a few years. Friends I fish with & people I meet on the stream all seem to be locked in on using tiny baits for trout. Some even see my no.3 Black Fury on the end of my line & ask " Are you actually going to use that for trout?". To wich I reply"Big lure,big fish". I have even caught trout on a mepps 4 on several occasions. I finished reading your book around noon on Easter Sunday. Once I started reading it I couldnt put it down. I wasnt planning on fishing at all that day but your book had me so fired up & with dinner not for another 3 hours I was eager to test your theory on how a half inch of rain affects the trout. I heard the trout calling so I jumped in the car & headed for the pine. I drove farther down stream than the previous day. I pulled in to the park in Rockbridge & walked down to the water for a look. I was pretty bummed out to find visibility at 12 inches. I contemplated getting in the car & heading back but just for the heck of it I threw my black maribou up under the bridge. To my surprise about a nine incher crushed it. I figuired what the heck & fished for abuot an hour until thunder & lightning forced me back to the car. I caught 2 browns in the 14 to 15 inch range & lost a couple. Headed back for Easter Ham. I wondered if you ever fished maribou jigs. I use spinners most of the time but for many years ,back as far as when early trout season started in January ,I have used maribou jigs. I use 1 eighth ounce black ones. I really cant remember how or why I started using them but the trout just tear them up. I really dont even know what organism they mimmick. A leech perhaps, maybe a tadpole? I do know this. About the beginning or middle of May,depending on how warm a spring weve had, the trout Quit going after them. Then I switch to spinners. I have never met anyone else who throws jigs so I believe it helps me catch fish even in heavily fished streams.If you E-mail me your adress, I would love to send you a couple. I have some really nice ones that are hand tied by some anonymous person or company. I get them at the local harware store. Thanks again for a great read. p.s. Your book convinced to purchase some waders so last week I went out & got me some. For years I fished from the bank with knee high rubber boots & caught lots of big trout. Reading your book & the fact that I am now married & home owner has convinced me to get waders. When I was single I had so much more time to fish that it didnt bother me to pass up great spots. My fishing time is more precious now so waders will help a lot. Good Fishing to you Sir Sincerely, Andy Mueller
Submitted by: Andy Mueller on 5/16/2006 3:25:37 PM
  Rating: Excellent
Comments: Loved your book Jay, Put me right out there fishing with you.
Submitted by: Len *spinner* Harris on 12/29/2006 9:23:29 AM
  Rating: Excellent
Comments: FOLLOWING IS A PARTIAL QUOTE FROM A REVIEW BY DAVE WESTER OF "The County Line" newspaper which serves Elroy, Kendall, norwalk, Ontario and Wilton, Wisconsin. "Unlike many other fishing books, Thuirston not only gives advice on when and how to fish, but he also reveals the names of some of his favorite Wisconsin and Upper Michigan streams such as the Bad Axe River, and Mill and Milancthon Creeks in Richland County. Thurston has made a science out of trout fishing."
Submitted by: Dave Wester on 8/28/2006 12:51:24 PM

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