A Book About the 3-Rs: Recovery, Relationships, and Redemption…. And of course, baseball. And the Cubs, those lovable Cubs.

Catching Lightning Without the Bottle

Author Timothy F. Bouvine

Author Timothy F. Bouvine

Catching Lightning Without the Bottle is about the 3-Rs of…. Recovery, Redemption, and Relationships, set against the backdrop of a miraculous baseball season for Blake Benson, a former Chicago Cubs star now relegated to third-string, very limited duty, as he has gradually slipped into reduced capacity through the abuse of booze, lack of commitment, and loss of interest.

After a tragic plane crash claims the lives of all his teammates, he rebounds to rediscover his inner-self through sobriety and becoming a player-manager for the hastily assembled new team. Together they struggle to, “Catch lightning in a bottle,” as Leo Durocher said in 1941, preserve the 10-game lead the late team members bequeathed them, and keep the Division Title from the hard charging St. Louis Cardinals.

The big question is, can Blake do his part without the bottle?

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